As followers of Jesus we are made for times like this!

Though all face-to-face church events are suspended for now, let's keep worshiping together and connecting with one another. Stay tuned for upcoming virtual "community" events in addition to worship.




Sunday Worship 10:30 am

All are welcome!

The Etown CoB church office will now be administered remotely. Emails ( and phone messages (717-367-1000) will be checked and responded to as soon as possible during the work day.

Thank you for your patience and we wish health and peace to you and yours!


Watch our Live-Streamed Sermons every Sunday morning at 10:30 am or anytime after to see archived sermons by clicking on the link below. You can also click below to visit our Sermon Page which has a list of past and current sermons with video and text if you prefer a quick read.


For much of Brethren history, preaching was said to be "spontaneous, circular, repetitive, and 'earthy'" (Carl Bowman, Brethren Society). Understandable given that both preachers and scripture were often determined by lot--hence the extemporaneous, repetitive nature! These days, we place value on planned, thematic, and thoughtful sermons. But truth be told, that planning can come at the expense of spontaneity and Spirit; any honest preacher will tell you they have less-than-favorite books of the Bible that they rarely preach from.

"Drop the needle" offers a solution to these dilemmas in a fun way by mimicking both Classical music professors who randomly drop the needle in the middle of a vinyl album and ask the students to name that tune, and the Hip Hop DJs of the 1980s who dropped the needle too on existing tunes to create entirely new creations! 

Here's how it will work: at the end of worship each week--starting this Sunday--the scripture for the following Sunday will be randomly generated, no matter what that scripture is! The preacher will then have one week to bring the Word! 

Let's see where the Spirit leads us!

Join us via live-streaming on Sunday at 10:30 am


Click here for detailed information.

Zoom link for each session:
Meeting ID# 846 6304 1530



Sunday, May 31

(Pastor Greg Davidson Laszakovits)

Reopening Our Lives, Pt 4: Pentecost

Click here for our sermon archive and text.


"I didn't know a church like this existed!" 

No matter who you are or where you're from, you are welcome here.  

Etown CoB is a community of people striving to follow Jesus by practicing peace, service, and openness to all.

Worshiping together is important to us. Every Sunday at 10:30 am you can look forward to multiple musical styles and challenging, thoughtful sermons.

Connect with those in the congregation. Get to know each other better. Challenge each other to become better followers of Jesus.


In this time of being separated physically, we want to continue to find ways to connect. Etown CoB will embark on a fun challenge! We will attempt to “walk” to Nigeria. That’s 5,710 miles! How will we make that happen?

Using this link, to join our challenge! You will need either Facebook or Strava to be able to join. Strava is a free website you can sign up for and log your miles using that.

If you do not want to use either Facebook or Strava, please use this link and Amy Karr will use the provided information to log the miles.

Every mile counts! And we have 60 days to do it. The challenge will start on June 1st and end on July 30th. But the real goal is for us to be encouraged to get outside, take a walk and enjoy a sense of community without being able to gather as a group.

As you know, we are not holding the Run for Peace this year. Please consider making a donation to The Centre for Caring, Empowerment, and Peace Initiatives in Nigeria (CCEPI), founded by Rebecca Dali as a participation fee. This is NOT required to participate.

Contact Amy Karr with any questions.

Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to a mustard seed in (Matthew 13, Mark 4, Luke 13) that grows quickly into a small tree. The parable illustrates the power of tiny ideas, beliefs and acts that grow into large and significant endeavors.

Mustard Seeds will be taking a break from now until the end of summer 2020. Once the class begins, the topic and schedule will be listed here.

2019 Volunteer Interest Survey

The work of the church body is carried out by its members, and we are grateful for the many gifts and talents among us at Etown CoB.

The intention of the 2019 Volunteer Interest Survey is to match interests to the many positions that help us carry out our mission of Practicing Peace, Service & Openness to All.

The Gifts Discernment Committee, Pastors and Office will receive this information. We want 100% participation! The link to this survey has been disconnected at this time, it will be reconnected soon. It should take approximately 3 minutes to complete. Paper versions are available in the office/in the narthex. All church attenders are invited to complete this questionnaire.



Our interest in spreading our love and faith goes beyond our small Etown community.




A weekend with John Pavlovitz
Elizabethtown Church of the Brethren
Ted Swartz & Ken Medema Event
Elizabethtown Church of the Brethren



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