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Untold Stories of Racism...In Elizabethtown?

On Saturday, February 3 you will have an opportunity to hear stories of racism experienced by people you know–and some that you don’t know–from the nineteenth century into the present day. The purpose of this gathering is to raise our awareness of racism that we may have thought only happens in places we read about or see in the news. But, Elizabethtown has not been immune to racism. The Racial Justice Working Group has been interviewing members of our congregation and local community and recording their stories on video. While we are still in the process of doing interviews, we want to begin sharing them with you.

You and the greater Elizabethtown community are invited to come to the Community Place on Washington on Saturday, February 3 from 3:00-4:30 pm to hear about local historical events, listen to clips of some of the interviews, and share your stories of racism in small group settings that may be prompted by what you hear. The ultimate purpose of this gathering is to begin to name our hopes and dreams for the Elizabethtown community and all its residents so that we can become a welcoming community that respects all its people living and interacting with us here.

Racial Justice Working Group

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