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Gina Strouse
Nov 27, 2022
In Advent Devotional - 2022
As an older adult, there really is nothing I need or want - except maybe time with my family. So Fran and I have asked our children instead to donate to BHA, an organization that is near to our hearts. We are so grateful that they have done that and continue to do so. Typically, our grandchildren provide us with a list of (mostly) clothes or toys they would like and we dutifully purchase them. But this year I invited them to also tell me about a need that they see that that they are concerned about, something that touches their heart. We will then donate to that cause in their name. That will make us happy, and hopefully feel good to them, too. And I look forward to being able to discuss this with them at Christmas dinner, to talk about what made them choose that cause, what they hope their donation will be used for, how they can be helpful themselves, etc.

Gina Strouse

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