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In Lenten Devotional - 2022
Gina Strouse
Mar 19, 2022
My husband and I are getting ready to move. At our stage of life, it means a lot of downsizing. We've never had a garage sale, I've never sold stuff on Ebay - after 54 years of life together, 37 in this house, there's a lot to get rid of. It's hard - lots of choices to make and things to say good-bye to. I hate this, but it has been nice in one way. As we find an item and think about whether to keep it or let it go, we have had a chance to enjoy many, many memories that otherwise may not have come to mind. One of the hardest times was when I came upon the music I used to sing with preschool and elementary age children in church, Sunday School, camp, nursery school and day care. It's just old music, but I poured over these books week after week, selecting songs, thinking about presentation, singing them with the enthusiastic and joyous voices and energetic movement of young children. It was wonderful. But that time is probably over for me. There was lots to remember and lots to celebrate before I put them in a box to throw away. Those times were a big part of who I am, and now they are over. I remember them well, and I hope some of the children I was with do too. This is the only time I've cried so far and, if truth be told, later that week, I came back and "rescued" some of them. Soon we will be in a new home in a new community. I am sure it will be nice, but I am apprehensive. I don't know what my life will be like there. I won't know people. Sometimes I feel like I will just fade into oblivion. I think that might be easy to do when you are older like me. How comforting the words of the scripture passage today, "Even these may forget, yet I will not forget you"

Gina Strouse

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