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Etown CoB Sponsors Lancaster Pride!

On Sun, Oct 24, from 11 am–7 pm, Lancaster Pride will be held at Clipper Stadium. Per the Lancaster Pride website, the event’s mission is “Lancaster Pride is a celebration of the progress that the local LGBTQ+ community has made toward achieving visibility, acceptance and equality within Lancaster County as an organization, Lancaster Pride is committed to producing a vibrant festival that honors these achievements. We want to educate, collaborate, and build partnerships with our allies, associations, and other organizations that directly support the LGBTQ+ population.”

Etown CoB has signed up to be a sponsor of this event. This will include a table set up at the event to show to LGBTQ+ community our support and will also include some fun ways to engage with attendees of the event.

Our congregation is deeply committed to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. This event is an awesome opportunity for us to continue this mission. If you are interested in volunteering the day of the event, please reach out to the church office and they will pass your information to the Witness Commission.

Click here for more information about the festival.

If you are interested in signing up to volunteer at the Etown CoB Table during the Lancaster Pride event on Sunday, October 24, please complete this volunteer form.

Submitted by Amy Karr, Witness Commission Chair

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