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Spring Church Council Reflections

The Spring Church Council Meeting was held in the sanctuary and online, Sun, May 22, following worship. Moderator, Joe Detrick, highlighted the constructive effects of teamwork and the positive results of people “committing themselves to the common good” and “having a mind to work” as recorded in Nehemiah and the story of the rebuilding of the city wall.

Regular action items included the acceptance of the treasurer, church board and pastor’s reports. Board Chair, Jeff Eisenbise, gave a detailed report on the chronological journey of the building improvement and construction plans. A highlight of the meeting was a 100% vote affirming the call for the ordination of pastor, Josh Tindall. (Service of Ordination, Sun, May 29). Your pastors, board chair, and moderator are open and available to continuing conversation regarding church life and business. Keep in touch!

Submitted by Moderator, Joe Detrick

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