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Special and Upcoming Fall Church Council Meetings

On Sunday, October 9, a special church council meeting was held immediately following worship. Approximately 115 people were in attendance in-person and via zoom. The sole item of business was to consider a request made by the Witness Commission in support of placing an advertisement in the Lancaster Newspaper stating the church’s resistance to the tenets of Christian Nationalism. (Cost covered by private donations.) The motion generated much thoughtful discussion and was passed with 100% affirmation. The full-page ad appeared in the Lancaster Sunday News on October 23.

Looking ahead to Sunday, November 20, the Fall Church Council Meeting will be held in the sanctuary and via zoom. Business items will include the approval of the 2023 annual budget, approval of the church board slate, commission and pastoral ministry reports along with additional items of interest to the congregation. Mark your calendars!

Submitted by Joe Detrick, Moderator

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