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Retrospective and Prospective...

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

by Nancy Hivner, Board Chair

2019 Church Board Retreat

As I write this in early January 2019, I reflect on 2018 with enormous thankfulness for the honor of serving as Church Board Chair during a dynamic time in the life of our congregation. I serve alongside dedicated leaders who are passionate about the ministry of their commissions or areas of administrative responsibility. Our staff members are skilled, dedicated and brave. Our congregation is faithful, generous and committed. It’s no wonder that we achieved significant things last year.

During our Board meeting in December, the group took a few moments to mention things we were especially pleased about for 2018. Some are:

  • Taking a stand to affirm our commitment to be open to all

  • Achieving live-streaming of our Sunday morning worship

  • Providing resources to support organizations that help others—through disaster relief, Elizabethtown Community Place, Elizabethtown Community Nursery School, immigration support, Elizabethtown Community Day Care

  • Supporting our youth and advisors in preparation, during and after NYC

  • Working through a decision-making process on our building plans that have brought us to a Capital Campaign

  • Strengthening our faith formation activities through Bible School, special adult learning series, a new class for 20–30-age people, Inquirers’ classes for new people

  • Recommending a 2019 budget that allocates 10% of financial resources to Witness activities

  • The joy of meaningful worship that is enriched by musical ensembles, challenging sermons, and enthusiastic participation

Many people make our ministry possible as we all strive to live faithful lives of service, using our gifts to live the love of God beyond the church walls. Many people support our ministry by giving sacrificial financial gifts. The generosity of the congregation enables the Board to make generous decisions. It is especially rewarding to be able to make decisions about allocation of gifts after all 2018 costs have been accounted for. This year, our operating surplus is $51,816. The Board agreed to use those funds for building project costs ($25,908), Community Place in Elizabethtown ($15,545), Paradise Fire recovery in California ($5,182) and replacement sound equipment for our worship service ($5,182.)

In 2019, the Board will continue to work on enhancing our ministry together. We are receiving ideas from the bulletin board as we dream about our remodeled building. We generated ideas together during our 2019 retreat meeting, and we listen to ideas from within our congregation as our commissions work together.

In all things, we strive to enhance our faithfulness and commitment. And, as Pastor Greg recently preached, we go forward with “high hopes” and faith that the presence of God will guide and sustain us.

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