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Q & A with ANE District Youth Cabinet Member, Nate DeGoede

ANE District Youth Cabinet with Etown CoB Youth Band that provided music for the weekend

What does the District Youth Cabinet do?

The Atlantic Northeast District Youth Cabinet meets about once a month to plan district youth events. This year we had a barn party that unfortunately had to be canceled, a weekend retreat to Camp Swatara, and yet to come is the district service project.

Who else is on it besides you (adults, kids, their roles)?

There are seven youth including me from various churches in the district, Jess Ross is our adult coordinator, Ed Haldeman, Donna Parcell, and Terry are all adult helpers/supervisors.

What has been a highlight for you?

I enjoy being able to have a say in what we do. I enjoyed these events in the past, and now that I am on youth cabinet, I can make them even better.

What do we not know that we should know about the cabinet?

Some people think the adults do all or most of the work, however, beyond giving us a theme or central idea, the youth do all of the work. At the retreat, we created the crafts, activities, skits, and music.

Anything else you would like to include?

I think I covered it all.

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