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Paul Brubaker to Make a Presentation at Mt Gretna

The Climate Crisis Action Group (CCAG) encourages you to consider attending a program at Mt Gretna on Thursday, July 13th at 7 pm, as part of the Chautauqua Summer Programs. In March of 2022, Paul Brubaker spent eleven days in Hawaii with an organized tour trying to find members of the remaining Hawaiian endemic birds (birds that live nowhere else on Earth in the wild). During the July 13th event he will talk about his adventure on four of the islands, seeking these sometimes very elusive birds. As part of this discussion, he will review the evolution of the Honeycreepers, a group of the birds in Hawaii with a common ancestor, and also talk about the reasons for recent rapid decline in numbers and increasing extinctions of Hawaii’s endemic birds. And yes, a small spoiler, climate change is part of the problem!

So... spend an hour at the Hall of Philosophy from 7-8 pm (the building next to, or just behind, the Jigger Shop) and hear about some trouble in paradise. Then enjoy a sundae or a banana split at the Jigger Shop.

Submitted by the Climate Crisis Action Group

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