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Ministry Calling Committee

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

by Ralph Detrick, Chair, Ministry Calling Committee

The purpose of our committee is: “To call, encourage and support persons for ministry. Ministry includes professional ministry, specialized lay ministry and lay leadership.”

In the late 90’s there was a crisis in pastoral leadership in the denomination. The call went out for congregations to be proactive in calling new leadership. In 2000, our congregation formed a Ministry Calling Committee to “lay the hand of the church” on persons and call them to ministerial leadership.

Over the years, the committee has been active in interviewing younger people and supporting their involvement in programs like Exploring Your Call, Ministry Summer Service and In-House Ministry Intern. The emphasis broadened to include a wider understanding of ministry. Now the committee encourages and supports persons of all ages in many areas of ministry.

Sometimes the committee takes initiative to approach someone for a conversation about ministry. Sometimes persons approach a pastor or a committee member, desiring to explore ministry. Since 2000, the committee has had more than forty conversations with persons exploring ministry.

All of us are ministry calling people. If you see gifts in someone you wish to recommend to the committee for conversation or if you have interest or questions, contact one of the pastors or the committee.

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