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Heads in the Clouds

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

by Nancy Hivner

At the October special Council meeting, we made an exciting decision to move into the next phase of our building project. The campaign team is hard at work planning a January kick-off event and making plans to engage all of us in the pledge effort.

As we shared opinions and ideas on the sketches with our Building Committee, many people asked questions and made suggestions about how we will use the remodeled and new space to grow and improve our ministry. The Board has many ideas that were collected in 2017 from commissions, deacons, hospitality team, members, and pastors.

The 2018 Board is inviting even more dialogue about our dreams for new and improved ministries that will fill our building and share the love of God with our community and the world. Look for the dream cloud in your Sunday bulletin and share your own vision for changes. Write your ideas in the cloud and attach them to the bulletin board in the narthex. See what others are envisioning and get your own head in the clouds!

This approach will unfold over the next several months with a focus on one key area of the building at a time. We will start with the new gathering space, collecting ideas for several weeks before working on another space. All ideas will be shared with the appropriate commission or committee in 2019.

The 2019 Board will use the input to create ministry plans for the future that will be shared with the congregation. The plans will also be essential when it’s time for the design and development phase of the building project when specific design details are prepared.

Let’s work together in this space to prepare for new spaces. Let’s all dream of new ministries that align with our mission and dream of ways that we can improve our existing ministries when we have more room. Let the clouds produce ideas, like spring rain that nourishes all humankind!

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