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Good Intentions

This message is to share that we appreciate your good intentions of donating items to the church in addition to your time, talent, and financial contributions. Prior to the repair and refurbishing of our building, all tenants and employees of the church were encouraged to (and they did) remove all unnecessary materials, worn furniture, and anything not needed or used.

Dumpsters were rented for this to occur along with volunteer persons willing to assist with this major “clean out” by hauling and disposing of large items. Hats off to ECCC and ECNS who sorted and disposed of mountains of stuff.

We (Ken and I), too, had to go through this discarding activity in our downsizing from a home where we lived for 56 years to a Cottage as many of you have done or will do in the near future.

Books went to the College, Mennonite Book Sale, or Recycling Center on New Holland Pike. It would have been very easy to donate books, furniture, dishes, musical instruments, clothing, candles, pictures, etc. to the Church. Instead many trips were taken to Matthew 25 in Lititz, ECHOS, Green Mountain, Jubilee Ministries, The Food Hub (clothing area), Mount Joy Thrift Shop, and Recycling Centers on New Holland Pike and Harrisburg Pike to dispose of unneeded items.

Therefore, my purpose for writing this article is that the Church cannot be the recipient of your unwanted furniture, dishes, and other material items. There are facilities available for receiving and recycling for you. If and when there is a local need, the Church will inform you as to when and where items are needed and to be delivered. Please do not just drop off or place items in or on the Church property without prior approval.

Submitted by Carroll L. Kreider, Chair Resources Commission

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