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Etown CoB Re-opening Plan

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

As of May 26, 2021

When our re-opening committee met on May 11, little did we expect that on May 13, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) would announce a change in protocol for best practices in the pandemic. This time of Covid-19 indeed has been a moving target throughout.

After these many months of patient waiting, the time has finally come that we can begin to meet safely together indoors. For those who are vaccinated, this should feel very safe. We realize that for some, it may not feel safe for a variety of reasons. And that’s OK. Please note that we will continue livestreaming indefinitely so that there will be options for everyone, near and far!

Starting Sunday, June 6 and forward—livestreaming and in-person worship in sanctuary at 10:30 am. Zoom Adult Sunday school class will continue to meet however it will run from 9 am to 10 am instead of beginning at 9:15 am. This will give those who live locally the opportunity to join Sunday school at home and make it to the church by the time worship starts at 10:30 am.

Plans are being made to provide children’s programming that will run concurrently with the 10:30 am service. Christian Ed is busy lining up volunteers for the nursery, Shine (ages 2–5) and Blaze (K–5th grade). Parents, you are also welcome to keep your children with you during worship, if you prefer.

We recognize that music is an important element in expressing our faith. There will continue to be inspirational live and pre-produced music as there has been throughout the pandemic. We will follow the latest guidelines for singing as far as safety goes and plan to only have congregational singing in the last few minutes of the service.

If you or your child feel ill, please stay at home and take good care. As in the past, we will look to the CDC for guidance in best practices as we gather. Following current guidelines, mask wearing will be optional for anyone who is two weeks post-vaccination. Safety is our priority. We will continue to keep you well-informed via Facebook, emails, Instagram, newsletter, events flyer and announcements. When in doubt, you can call the church office for up-to-date information.

Stay tuned! We have missed you and you have missed each other. We are excited to be face-to-face and gather together as God’s beloved community.

Submitted by the Pastoral Team

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