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Educating Toward Racial Justice

“Educating all generations within our congregation and beyond about racism” is one of the bold actions to which our congregation committed itself in the 2020 statement “Toward Racial Justice.” Overall we committed ourselves, individually and as a diverse body, to healing and justice-making. Educating ourselves is an important foundational step in this process and ministry. To that end, the Racial Justice Working Group has planned an African American Heritage Walking Tour of Lancaster City on Sun, Oct 10 (registration deadline Fri, Oct 1). It will help us understand what was happening close to home in the centuries of slavery—both slave holding and trading and the efforts of abolitionists. It will give us context to what the early settlers and inhabitants of Elizabethtown were exposed to and how they participated in this major national and humanitarian question of their time. To join us in this experience (both children and adults) click here for more information and how to register for the tour.

Submitted by JulieAnn Keith, Racial Justice Working Group

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