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CWS Disaster Bucket Challenge

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

by Amy Karr

Due to the recent influx in natural disasters in the last several years, Church World Service (CWS) is experiencing an historic low regarding their kit inventory. The Emergency Clean Up Buckets are full of home-recovery supplies that are needed after a disaster strikes.

In 2018, 26,916 of these buckets were distributed in the United States and Puerto Rico. We would like to help CWS increase their inventory of these buckets! This project started on Sunday, March 24, our goal is to assemble and collect donations for 275 buckets over a 4-week period.

We will be asking the congregation to participate in two ways:

  1. Empty buckets will be available for congregation members to take and fill with all the necessary supplies. You will be provided with a checklist to ensure you get the right items needed to fill the bucket.

  2. We will also be asking for donations to cover the cost of filling a bucket with supplies.

We estimate the cost of supplies and shipping/processing a bucket to be approximately $70. We are excited about this ambitious goal of creating 275 Emergency Cleanup Buckets. Watch for more information to come.

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