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Council Meets, Approves 2022 Budget

The fall congregational council meeting was held immediately after worship on Sun, Nov 21. Approximately 86 members attended in person, with 20 attending via Zoom. Don Kraybill served as acting moderator. Actions approved included the 2022 budget with an amendment to increase the Witness budget; reallocating up to $88,171 from designated Facility Fund investment fund monies to be used for a 2022 Special Capital Improvements Budget; Re-affirm the licensing of Jason Haldeman & Josh Tindall to the ministry in the Atlantic Northeast District of the Church of the Brethren; accepting the 2022 Church Leadership Slate. Jeff Eisenbise will begin serving as board chair in 2022. In addition to the slate approved on Sun, Nov 21, the church board on Mon, Nov 1 approved Donna Hollinger to assist Jeff Eisenbise as Vice Chair (the board elects the vice chair rather than the church council). To read reports and more from the meeting, contact the church office for a council packet.

Submitted by Paula Burke, Board Chair

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