Capital Campaign Surges Forward

Updated: Jul 12

by Paula Knudsen Burke

Our congregation is full of amazing people who are dedicated to expanding our mission of peace, service and openness to all. The Capital Campaign, launched in January, is raising funds for proposed new church facilities. The plan embodies a bold vision for the future, articulated by our Church Board and commissions in recent years. The proposed facilities will add new and flexible space to enhance the current ministries of our thriving congregation and launch new ones beyond our walls. During the halftime update, leaders announced you have already pledged more than three million dollars! We celebrate the gifts that have already been received or pledged, and welcome more to come. The campaign will end on Wednesday, May 15. Now is the time to make your pledge. The Church Board will evaluate the results, determine how to proceed, and bring a recommendation to Church Council on Sunday, June 23, which must authorize the next steps. Questions? Contact campaign co-chairs Donna Hollinger or Don Kraybill.

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