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Building Project Update

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

by Paula Burke, Board Chair

When the Covid-19 virus disrupted our lives, we were in the process of submitting plans to the Elizabethtown Zoning Hearing Board for review for our building project. After a month's delay and two reschedules, the zoning hearing board met on June 8 and heard Etown COB's building presentation. The zoning hearing board voted unanimously in favor of the church's application.

Now what? We've got some exciting developments ahead of us. Elizabethtown College's Board of Trustees met in June and agreed unanimously to sell property adjacent to the church to us, for the cost of $1. The zoning hearing board's decision included this tentative plan, which will allow more existing green space to be retained. We'll be working out details in coming months and will present more information to the congregation when we finish our discussions with the college about mutual use of our facilities.

In terms of design and development, our architect is still continuing his work. Water permeability and weight bearing tests have been completed to determine the design parameters and stormwater management. The building committee is hoping to be in a position to move to a final presentation sometime in the fall of this year.

Finally, for those of you who have contributed to the Capital Campaign in support of the Building Project, thank you so much for your continuing support. Per our Treasurer, contributions to the building project totals $1,259,263 ($115,980 in 2020). Non-operating budget building project costs to date are $173,208 ($46,077 in 2020).

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