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Building Project-Phase 1 Demolition

Work started on Phase 1 on June 21st with the erection of dust barriers. As of today 7.12.21, demolition of the existing bathrooms and supply closet is complete. Layout of the new walls and piping penetrations scheduled for this week. This will allow the new masonry walls to be installed later this week, in addition to plumbing rough-ins to begin. The next two weeks some of the “finishes” will be started in the new bathrooms. Completion of the bathrooms is scheduled for the end of August.

The rooftop work for the steel supports for the new HVAC rooftop units is in the shop drawing approval stage at this time. This work is scheduled, but no start date has been confirmed as to when the materials will be delivered. Shop drawings for the rooftop units and terminal units are expected to be submitted for review in the very near future.

Submitted by Barry Garman, Building Committee Chair

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