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Board Chair Reflections

As I approach the last two months of my term as board chair for our congregation, it seems appropriate to take stock and risk some observations.

When I agreed to take the job in November of 2020, I thought I was going in with my eyes wide open and fully aware of the coming challenges. But nobody could have prepared for the unforeseen shocks and aftershocks that were in store for us.

I was asked recently if I would do it again, knowing what I know now, and I can honestly say I would. While I certainly would not relish the pain and stress, the emotion of which I’m most aware is gratitude.

While I start out with, and emphasize my gratitude to Donna Hollinger and Joe Detrick for their steadfast wisdom during the roller coaster year of 2022, they are truly only the beginning of a long list of folks I feel privileged to have worked with and to have served. The character of the people in our congregation is an asset that towers over the value of our invested dollars and beautiful real estate and is the only asset that makes us truly wealthy.

In my long life, I’ve served on several boards and I can think of none more gifted than ours. As my mother-in-law, without a trace of bias, used to say about her grandchildren, “There’s not a dud among them!”

I’m also immensely grateful to have worked with a talented, dedicated and very perceptive Pastoral Team(s). Our office administrators, Crystal and Brooke and our Facilities Manager, Amy round out a staff that is nothing short of superlative in competence and dedication.

I’m grateful to Kevin Engle for his willingness to assume the responsibilities of board chair. He’s a talented man, well equipped for the job. And I encourage each of you to look for ways to invest your talents and gifts in our congregational life.

I love this congregation and am grateful for your support.

Submitted by Jeff Eisenbise, Board Chair

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