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Advent Offering for School Children in Nigeria

Since 2014 the Church of the Brethren has supported our brothers and sisters in Nigeria, ravaged by terrorist activities of the Boko Haram in the northeast. Many Nigerian Brethren were run out of their homelands by the violence. Thousands were murdered, others abducted. Homes, churches and schools were torched. Seeking safety, many Brethren traveled to settle near the nation’s capital, Abuja. Church of the Brethren provided much of the funds to build two camps for these Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s). These camps are Gurku and Masaka. Both were visited by the Take Ten/Tell Ten team from the Elizabethtown congregation during their 2016 visit. Through relief efforts primarily generated by the generous gifts from congregations all over the denomination, these camps made improvements and obtained medical help for their sick, education for their children and even a tractor for increased agricultural production.

New families and relatives have been flooding these camps due to the continued violence in northeast Nigeria. The camps are not able to keep up their growth financially, as a growing number of children are without education. $3,800 covers the costs of operating one IDP school for one year. Included are school supplies, uniforms, game materials, primary external exams and teacher salaries.

Witness will be sponsoring a “Giving Match” opportunity for “Give to Nigeria Education”. Please see below for more information about what we will be sponsoring. Witness has committed to donating $3,800 to cover the cost of one year of school. There is a need for $3,800 to cover the second school—this is where the congregation comes in! We are asking church congregants to help us reach the total goal of $7,600.

In this season of hope, it is our hope that all children will have access to an education, bringing hope for a brighter and shining future. In your Christmas giving please consider a monetary gift to help provide an education for the boys and girls in these camps in Nigeria.

Offerings can be put in the plate, mailed or online to the church during Advent. Checks should be written to “Etown CoB”, clearly ear-marked “Nigerian Crisis Fund”.

Our goal is to raise $3,800 to underwrite the costs of a school for one year. The worship center at the front of the sanctuary will have candles lit, representing the donations received each week. Let’s share the light during Advent!

Na gode sosai (a warm Nigerian thank you)

Peace and blessings always.

Submitted by Pam Reist, Executive Pastor of Congregational Life & Amy Karr, Witness Commission


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