Brooke McClure

Brooke McClure

Administrative Assistant

The newest member of our team is Brooke McClure. She was born and raised in Lancaster County and has been an Elizabethtown resident for 17 years.

Brooke recently married in November of 2021 to her high school classmate, Arby Bish, after being reacquainted with him at her high school’s 20th class reunion.

Brooke has two young adult children Savannah and Ryan and enjoys spending time with them when schedules permit. Ryan is currently in Arizona, setting out to finish his second through hike on the Hayduke trail. Savannah is engaged to be married in May of 2022.

Brooke is bringing to us a strong passion for the arts and 15 years of administrative experience. When she is home she enjoys DIY projects on her home, crafting, sewing, camping, and hiking to name a few.