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Stepping Forward

Exodus 14: 10-16


Go Forward

Last week Greg talked about the difference between being a tourist or traveler and highlighted many of the accomplishments of this congregation. This week I’ll be exploring one of the most important parts of hiking a trail…moving forward.

Over the last ten years I have been fortunate enough to hike a few hundred miles on the Appalachian trail with some friends of mine. As I had mentioned during the children’s time, the Appalachian Trail runs almost 2200 miles from Maine to Georgia. This is a long trail that many hikers have enjoyed for decades. Accomplishing the whole trail is quite a feat and a badge of honor for those who complete it. Many hikers, like myself, would be considered “section hikers” who have set out to do different part of the trail over time in chunks, with the hope of one day having completed the whole trail. Others who would call themselves “through hikers” hike the trail all in one shot Northbound from Georgia to Maine or Southbound from Main to Georgia. This can take anywhere between 4 and 7 months. 


Trail Mix; Sweet, salty, and filled with nuts

Matthew 5, 2 Corinthians 5, Psalm 119

On trails…

For the next four weeks we are going to look at this journey that we travel together. We are going to celebrate the places where we are faithfully following God’s direction, look at the challenges and opportunities that are in front of us.

Being an avid hiker, mountain biker and traveler, one of my summer reads this year was a book called “On Trails: An Exploration.” In it, author Robert Morr examines how “trails help us understand the world--from invisible ant trails to hiking paths that span continents, from interstate highways to the internet.” Trails are everywhere.


From Beginning to End

Esther 4.12-14

The Beginning

A few moments ago we had a parent child dedication with the Tema family. The Temas, who are from Congo, have been through some very difficult days as they fled the war in their home country. Refugees, separated from one another, at times lacking hope for any sort of future. A situation and feelings most of us cannot imagine.

We look at a new life in Hadassa and her family, unified. We see love. We see hope. It was pure coincidence (maybe we call it God at work) that this family dedication came at the end of our Peacemaking series. But what better place to see in flesh and bone why being peacemakers is an investment in the future. About this name Hadassa? It’s an interesting one as we explore peacemaking.


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