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On the Way

John 14:1-6a



For me, we are squarely into hiking and mountain biking season. So I’ve been spending some time out on the trail. Now, we often think about trails as simply the means to get us from one point to another. But trails are much more than that.

Have you ever been on a trail and thought about how it got there? Did it start out as a game trail carved into the side of a hill by deer? Was it an ancient trade route that has thousands of years of wisdom behind it as it shows the smoothest, safest, and best route? Have you ever wondered what has happened on a particular trail, the stories it holds?

It’s easy to apply the metaphor of trails to our experiences. Was it a rocky start, a smooth trek, a mountain top experience? Did we get bogged down in the mud? Was it so technically difficult that it busied our eyes to avoid stumbling that we missed the beautiful vistas along the way?

Trails are important to guide us on our way. They hold a certain wisdom. One way is to think about our Biblical and faith traditions as trails; paths that have been worn into the mountains and valleys of human experience.

But what of that trail? What would we have done without a guide to our path?


Risky Behavior

Matthew 15.21-28


Finding Dory's Gifts

Acts 2:1-13

gregWe get so many requests to bring back our "God at the Movies" worship theme and we are now on our third instalment. This year we wanted to narrow it down to “Movies that Inspire.” Movies have the ability to show us who we want to be, how we want to act in times of adversity. 

So as we put together the trailer for this year’s theme, we thought about some of the most inspirational films we’ve seen and we instantly thought of movies like Rocky, Forrest Gump and The Karate Kid. Take a look at how that inspired us for our first trailer this year. (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oyDOokdAHg or go to youtube.com and search for Elizabethtown Church of the Brethren.)

Today we find inspiration in the movie Finding Dory. And think about what Dory has to teach us about using our God-given gifts, even when we lack in some areas. This is going to be a worship service and a sermon for all ages.


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