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Our Mission and Vision

The Elizabethtown Church of the Brethren seeks to live the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ:

peacefully, simply, together.

The church accomplishes its mission by:

  • Inviting, welcoming and accepting all into a community striving to be Christ-like,
  • Nurturing spiritual growth and discipleship,
  • Seeking ways to serve and promote peace and justice in our neighborhoods and around the world,
  • Worshiping God together in creative and meaningful ways,
  • Promoting core values and practices from our Brethren heritage, and
  • Practicing responsible stewardship

2015 – 2020 Ministry Action Plan

Some time ago, our imaginations were captured by the metaphor of maps. We use physical maps in life to help us navigate to new places. We also use non-physical maps to help us navigate life. In both cases, though, we recognize that sometimes the terrain we walk is changed right under our feet. There are times when new maps must be drawn to reflect that changing terrain.
In congregational life, some of the maps that have served so well are no longer accurate. This is not because they were bad maps but simply because the social, economic and cultural terrain has changed to the degree that new maps are needed.
The 2015 – 2020 Ministry Action Plan (MAP) is designed with this changing terrain in mind.

A MAP to Strengthen Inwardly:

  • Grow Spiritually as Individuals and Community
  • Foster More and Deeper Congregational Relationships and Connections
  • Renew Commitment to Children’s Ministry
  • Make Building Improvements
  • Increase Worship Attendance to 300 by 2020
  • Increase Long-term Financial Base

A MAP to Live Outwardly:

  • Build and Lead a Non-geographically Based Community of Congregations

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